Monday, May 31, 2004

Study "abit" Day, Gym and ISA Meeting 1

Woke up at round 12.30pm plus and usual went to dig the freezer for frozen stuff to bake again. After the lunch and lazing around, it was already 2pm. Force myself to start reading on proj. mgmt. and did some little note-taking on the equations to be done. Was kind of hurt when my housemates went to the supermarket and didn't even asked or tell me about it. It's really kind of hurting to see some people you call friends everyday and sometimes they treat you as if you don't exist at all... I didn't want to bother myself too much about such stuff, so I went to the gym.

Stayed on bout only half hour plus, running on the trademill and doing some sit-ups before rushing back. I knew Ph was in the library and wanted to photocopy the notes for him and also to see him awhile before my ISA meeting. Anyway, met Stacy at the Student Union, before we all went up to the North Unit Media Meeting room for the meeting. It was rather short and not much was discussed cause the person to hand over to me wasn't around. But I could foresee myself getting busier next sem as Im already am now. Being the Publications Officer for both Photography Club and ISA was more tedious as newsletters had to be out every fortnight! It's okay, I'll try my best, at most sleep less and keeping myself busy will stop me from thinking about someone who will be back in s'pore by that time...

Anyway, as my own quotables say: "You may capture my heart, but can you keep it with you?" I realised that not having too much feelings for him makes me feel better when he's not around. So from then on, I don't feel very upset when he's not around or don't contact me, it probably is much better this way...