Sunday, May 30, 2004

Catechumen Ceremony, writing my article for EMIT & Dinner with "u-know-who"

Yap, today's Sunday Mass was my Catechumen Ceremony in church. Tigger couldn't wake up in time and so Ph sent me instead. He had asked if I wanted him to record the whole thing, but I thought so otherwise cause I was afraid he might feel uncomfortable. Anway I reached at round 9.28am and father and Helen were waiting near the entrance for me already.

The bell rang and father walked in first to start the mass while helen and I waited outside. After some starting prayers and word, he called us and we both walked in to the alter together... Lucky we could hold our scripts during the ceremony and as father introduced me. I was really nervous standing on the alter stage with so many people looking at me, I didn't dare look up at all. The ceremony included confirming me as a catechumen, that is like from a beginner to advance level before the actual baptism. So sweet that he mentioned my mum too. It included Helen using oil to make the sign of the cross on my eyes, ears, heart and legs to guide me to the path of Jesus. Anyway, I took photos with them after service and with catechumist Margerat and her husband..

Ph was sweet enough to make breakfast for us, though it was only simple stuff, it was the thought that counts. Anyway after a little chat, we both went back to our own place to sleep longer due to the short sleeping hours we had again. I woke up a little later to continue my EMIT article and realised that I kept straying away from the topic. It was really frustrating because I wasn't happy with what I had written at all... Well, later at night we had dinner together and I made beehoon soup... At night was a quick hug and bye before going back studying...