Saturday, May 01, 2004

Midvalley Movie Day and First Night of Catechism Class

Yesterday went for Catechism class, not bad, but only my ang moh friend called melissa also and I were the only youngsters there, the rest all old aunties and uncles. Anyway, was quite interesting, can't wait to go on for more and be able to go through all the sacrements soon. My nose piercing gave out some green pus today, was little yucky, lucky it's okay now. Anyway, today went to Mid Valley watch "50 First Dates" with Denise, was not bad and a touching love story; wished there were such patient and loving guys out there. Pooh's best friend "Tigger" was halfway sleeping throughout the movie... Wasn't really in good mood today, spent round $80 and see nothing, mostly foodstuff for next week, my house mates didn't wana cook already cause exams were coming... Next 2 days stuck at home forcing myself do assigments again..