Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Midvalley Shopping and Hair Cut!

Went to Midvalley alone yesterday(coz it's already 2am; so refer it as yesterday). Cut my hair and shop around for my stuff. I had knew earlier he wouldn't have called at all to tell me if he could drive me there, my hunch was true most of the time. I have no idea why things turned out this way.

Probably it was my boldness that scared him off? But what could I do? That was my character. Or was it because he wasn't even really sure about his feelings in the first place. A once fairytale dream turned out into a bad dream I just want to forget now. Im still puzzled in the sudden change in him that he doesn't even reply my goodwill messages and never even say hi when he came over my house.

He had said he wanted to just be friends and see how things goes at the end of the year, but then I thought he would at least continue his care and concern as a friend here. But it doesn't seem so... I do respect his decision to stay as friends, but his coldness has made us seem like we are not even friends now... It probably was just a short term infatuation which he realised the feeling isn't there now... =(