Friday, May 14, 2004

Usual Lesson Day and Evening Catechism Class

Boy do I have loads of stuff to write today, the stupid school network cannot connect again last night so here I am bloggin when I'm supposed to be doing my assignments. Somehow the more you try to stay away from someone, the more you'll bump into them. Shit, I have to mention him again, but what to do? He's my classmate and Im bound to meet him in class right? Anyway, we accidently met in the morning while going for proj. mgmt. tutorial and walked to lab together, we even sat beside each other and I'm half sure gossip will travel again. My SLO even asked me if I was going steady with him and of cause I said no. Anyway I can't be bothered with what people wana pass around as long as we both know that we are just normal friends.

Well was rather surprised that my "gan ge-ge" actually left a comment for me, I thought after I left s'pore, he so busy till forget about me already. He's so handsome that even guys think he's macho and fall for him, haha.. ;p Anyway, it's quite right about what he say, don't worry gege, will study hard... Evening went for catachism class and was happy that in 2 or 3 weeks time a ceremony will be held in church to confirmed me a catechumen, that is what you are called before you get baptised as a catholic. Chatted with my mum and she told me my dad probably want me to stay on and do my honours, lets just hope he does well in his business... better get back to my assignments now, too much of blog a day makes me long-winded...