Friday, May 07, 2004

Culture Night/e - before and usual off day

Kind of missed him when I didn't see him at tutorial. Anyway, last night was Culture Night event, evening was spent making up and changing at Lenore's place. Was kind of offended when he didn't even look up and say hi as I past him the tickets at the entrance, later he did came over for a photo and told me he didn't see me at all. Was I supposed to be happy he wasn't noticing every girl or what? The main course was not very nice except the desserts, there were also few performances. After that, most people went home for a change to Saloon. Met him over there and headed back to my place after an hour as the place was too crowded and stuffy.

The chat was one I had wished we didn't have at all. He actually hurt me unknowingly with the words he said. It was like some kind of contradiction that it's okay to like someone and not be together giving some reasons of sort. I kind of don't understand at all what exactly is in his mind.

Didn't really sleep much as I thought through the whole night and decided it was time to stop my feelings from getting deeper, probably not having anything to do with him at all would make things much better... ('_')