Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sunday mass, gco2815 assignment & movie+chat night

My head was swirling when I go out of bed, barely slept 3 hours plus and then got up for church. Went to wake PH up at 9.15am and he looked really funny with his "just got out of bed" look. He was sending me to church. Anyway, there was a Youth thing at the church this morning and I told PH to pick me up at 10.30am so I was rather panicked when service ended at 10.50am instead. However, he couldn't come pick me cause his friend had borrowed his car.

We then met at foodworks to buy some things, went back to my house and I cooked up some stuff for our lunch. Chatted awhile and he barely went home 10 minutes when I realised I had a load of overdued library books and one of them was with him. So had to go find him again and the thick skin said I missed him ;/ we went to library together then. He was mean pretending to not wana carry the books for me. Later went home and continued debugging the errors in my database assignment again.
As usual slowly strayed out of work and went on to read my emails and update my blog. Dinner was some baked stuff cause I was lazy to cook. Went to bath at round 10pm and just finished putting my cream when PH came over. We were gona watch a movie...

I somehow had the mixed feelings again caused he asked if I would miss him when he went back s'pore. I hate the thought that he asked this sort of things and made me have some feelings again. He does admit he still likes me cause I thought he was joking all the while. The movie turned into a long chat which lasted till the wee hours of the morning before he went back. We were sad that we didn't meet earlier cause I didn't come over gippsland last year, else we would have graduted at the same time. We aren't really together but just a tiny wee bit kind of more than friends.

As usual again leave it to fate to see if we do get together at the end of the year. But I can't help pondering about the bad things I heard about him being a playboy, so I don't really wana put much feelings in. However I do feel a little guilty towards sam and decide to tell the whole matter to him and let him decide if he still wants to get back, which I don't want actually... cause I know he's not the one meant for me...