Sunday, May 09, 2004

A lonely day at home plus an "okay" evening...

Yesterday was "Home Alone" day except for Hermant being at home playing games. My friends went down to Melbourne City. Managed to connect to Internet at noon but Junya came and chit chat so no time write my blog. Anyway, kind of sort things out with him and he made it clear he was serious but just didn't want to have any commitment in case we both find someone else next semester. Well, true to some sense, but somehow still can't quite get over him.

Cooked dinner for him last night and guess it was pretty good cause he happily finished the dishes when I still had rice! But was happy though since he liked it... Chatted awhile after that and he went back to continue his assignment again. I should stop the thought of wanting to see or talk to him everyday, guess he wouldn't call this 2 days too, so Im gona go out myself to Traralgon tommorrow, probably a breathe of fresh air and being alone might help me not to think of him too much... ;|