Monday, May 03, 2004

Sunday Mass and Melbourne Crown Casino Trip

Woke up on 8.30am on sunday for church, so tired as I slept only like 5hrs. Went to Traralgon with Denise to collect a friend's birthday cake and in the end landed up buying a pair of boots and a skirt from Traralgon Plaza. It was also the buffet trip to Crown Casino yesterday, upon reaching the first thing we girls do is to head for the toilet as usual, haha. Lingered around the clothes and music shop before going down for the buffet at 7.30pm. Food was not bad, they had roast beef/pork, wedges, fish fillets etc and boy I loved the sweet desserts. But enough was enough, I don't wana get fat, so eventually gossiped with Ginnie and Hannah about boys and a dare which I challenged Hannah to get the bunch of guys go play pool with us eventually came true, but the main actor vanished in awhile. So sadz arh :( Well, all was forgotten in awhile as we continue playing pool and then I bought a blouse from JayJays. Slept through the whole bus trip, contact lens so dry when I got home, I thought it was gona fall off...