Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Usual Lesson Day and a Big Surprise?

Today was one of my happiest days... Previously I had set eyes on someone since the start of the semester in one of my lectures, he's tall and so cute he looks just like zaizai from F4. To bad a little bit too skinny.. haha ;p Anyway, got a surprise call last night that I didn't quite believe he had out of the blue asked me out for a movie. He accompanied me to get a dress and formal slippers for the Culture Night event. I just like to look into his cute eyes and smile... ;) as we shop through for groceries as well. Oh there I go dreaming again when someone's actually going back to his country in a month's time... So sad, if only I had come over "moo-moo land" a year ago... But ah well, let's just leave it to fate yah... ('',)