Thursday, May 06, 2004

Usual Lesson Day and Handing up of DBMS A2

It's been like a hundred years since I had any feeling of being fortunate... How many times have someone you liked actually liked you back? Ha, I was pretty lucky in my case, I totally had no idea that the someone I had set eyes for actually felt for me too. It was probably some thanks to my friends teasing that he somehow knew a little about the feelings for him. Though I don't know how things will turn out, I somehow hope that he is "the one". It's been enough of getting hurt the last 2 years and Im kind of having little phobia for relationships but I think time will tell.

Anyway, I managed to rush finish my gco2815 assignment 2, just a little touching up to be done and I can well submit it. Sometimes love really works wonders huh, imagine I can finish drawing an ER diagram and about 100 over SQL statements in 4 hours straight just so I can give a lame excuse and go find him. Well, it did paid off cause he finally confessed his feelings which I didn't want to take it for granted at first.. Sweet dreams to me tonight! ;p