Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Release of Blog Address and Usual Lesson Day

Im so touched that my friends actually call me up and asked if I was okay after reading my blog, for those of you out there(u know who you are) "mueks", hugs and kisses to you... And thanks to my house mates cum friends whom I could talk to during that "dark" few days for their comments...Oops, this is like an award ceremony. To him: Sorry about the lie that no one knows my blog, actually my close friends all know about it...

It's pretty silly now to think back about why I felt so horrible the last few days over him. Im glad that things are all right now. Yeah, it was really crazy of me to expect anything in a week, probably cause I missed the feeling of being love after getting my feelings got hurt so many times by my ex. Lucky I get over things easily and my friends really made it better. He did mentioned I was too outright in things, but too bad, that's just me. Im not afraid to let people know of my feelings much less show it... This 'lion' is just different from other lions I met before. Oh well, glad he actually help me sort my brain and let me know that a handsome face is not the only thing u should fall in love with.

Anyway, enough of him else he'll think he's always on my mind, which he isn't now. There are better things to think off, like that someone in the city who's trying to salvage our relationship... and my pesky never ending assignments... To my caring friends out there: Im really fine and okay, no worries, I've got no one on my mind now except my dear family and friends... ;p


Anonymous said...

good on ya mel...being bold and direct in not a flaw,its a blessing. and its my blessing to have a friend like you. know what ill always be there for you..anytime k...except when "aunty visit" k..muhahahah
take care luv...btw,its the chaboh from WH32 here.