Sunday, May 16, 2004

Vic Market and Myers Shopping, Buying of Crucifix & Sunday Mass

Got up at round 10am and went to bath in the cold. Shops closed early on Sundays, so wanted to have more time to walk around. Met sam and we went to the restaurant he worked to have lunch. We took the train down town and he was kind of caring during the journey, we talked about lots of things including the thought of settling down in 3 or 4 years time.. But I'll still leave it to fate.. Cause Im not too sure about my feelings for him and our compaitability. Anyway, we later took the tram to Victoria Market cause he wanted to get some winter gloves and scarfs and just to walk around.

I had thought that Myers had a big sale going on, so we went to check out the clothes there and boy were they expensive! Sale like no sale at all, after discounts, the jackets and stuff were still like $200 over bucks.. Walked around the shops outside Myers before heading to St. Francis church for evening 4.30pm mass. Was glad sam was a christian and he didn't mind going with me to a catholic church. Anyway, I came across a silver crucifix (a cross with jesus) and liked it very much, so he bought it for me and I had it blessed by Father immediatly so I could wear it.. It was getting dark so we went to have dinner.

Night was spent watching a cantonese movie and I happened to browse though the messages in his handphone when I came across a "not so nice" message which he had sent to someone I thought was a guy friend. He finally came clean that it was his ex GF long before in JB and he had lied to me since January this year that it was a guy friend till I caught the msg he sent which implies that it was actually a girl. I couldn't stop crying and didn't want to listen to what he was saying. He kept holding me and saying sorry that he won't do it again, telling me that they were only just friends and she was all the way in JB, what could they have done...

I know that I felt angry cause I didn't think that he would do such things. But when I think of what I sometimes did to him was 10 times much worse; like having a crush for that someone in my uni. Even my close GFs, told me I couldn't be so selfish and expect that only I can do what I want... I still could not forgive him totally and still uncertain if we wana go back toether...