Saturday, May 22, 2004

Melbourne City Trip - Big Spending Day!! =|

It was a pretty cold morning when I woke up at 8am, as usual I needed more than 1/2 hours to dress up and get ready. Was too lazy to bring a thick jacket as the weather forecast wasn't too cold. Anyway reached city at round 10 past 11am and walked from vic market towards mcdonalds for breakfast. Barely even 5 minutes later I fell in love with Levi's jacket displayed inside a shop and it was going at an incredible price of $39(it's real lah ok), guess they were clearing old stock and was even more happy when paid only $28 s there was a further discount. I really wondered if the sales girl had type the wrong price... Had mcD breakfast with Lenore and guess what! I met Thomas Ong outside mcD having tea. Took a photo and had a short chat with him cause I got to know him when I was working in the travel firm in s'pore. (S'poreans will know he was an actor.) Haha my GF was going gaga saying he's handsome...

We then headed down Myers to meet Sam and then took the tram to Smith Street and back to Myers, Sports Girl and Mango later. Had early dinner at the China Bar in town. I could't control myself again from shopping and bought an adidas jacket, converse shoes and bag, fila shirt, quiksilver beanie and 2 knit wear blouses for the whole trip. It was kind of worth it though cause I spent like $192 for 10 items. The adidas jacket and fila shirt was kids size, thus it was cheaper and converse I got the pair of shoes at 1/2 price cause Sam had bought 1 pair and a 2nd pair was going at 1/2 price..

Back home at round 8.30 and till I bath, unpack my things and had dinner it was already 10.30pm plus 11pm. Got a msg and miss call from PH and he came over find me and we chatted for awhile... I don't know if I should believe some of the bad things I hear about him though I still have some feelings for him, but probably out it aside for awhile and concentrate on the coming events and exams... Back to doing my last assignment and will try to sleep early cause I wana go church tom.. =)


Anonymous said...

I HATE U!!!!! u bought sooooooooooooo many things.. making me so "gian" never shop liao... SOB SOB

Anonymous said...

I meant me soooooo long never shop liao....SOB SOB... Bounce bounce