Thursday, May 13, 2004

Usual Lesson Day and Nice chat with my friend in Brisbane

God my head is damn dizzy, it's 4am in the morning and I slept like 4hours only yesterday, my brain is already half asleep, so hope I don't type rubbish. Managed to finish my multimedia assignment and submitted it not wanting to look at it anymore. I got 3 more others waiting for me to do...

He came over last night as his Internet connection was down, ok I promise not to talk about him everyday! But I just had to say that I sure feel much better now that I treat him as a friend only... Anyway my guy friend called from Brisbane to chat and I asked him if he would be frighten if a girl gets too bold and direct with him, he said no and that he'll be happy instead if he likes that girl. But well, guess not everyone thinks the same...

My ex called too; Asked me if I missed him, I don't wana answer because I didn't wana hurt his feelings... My heart is just so tired, it needs a rest right now... So is my brain... Too many people, too many things, too little chances, too little time... Zzzzzzzz ('')


ck lee said... ah...good that you can put all this love love thing thing aside for the time being ah. Concentrate on your studies 1st ok.
Tell u ah...Make yourself the HARD TO GET type, then ppl will come knocking on your doors liao....ha...ok?
Have a good rest, dun think so still goes on RIGHT?