Monday, May 24, 2004

Finishing up gco2815 assmnt, Gym and Supper?

I woke up at 12pm plus in sort of a daze. I was still wondering about what happened about our chat last night... I don't know if I did the right thing and decision to let something I know might not have a future, start... I still wonder though about what his friend said about him being a playboy; is it true or not? Anyway, he(PH) called asking if I needed anything cause he was going out to get some stuff. He didn't wana ask me along cause he wanted me to stay home and finish up the last question in my assignment...

As usual, started surfing the net again and barely touching my work. Was glad to receive a letter from my dear friend Cindy in s'pore. So sweet she and her BF, her eye's always glow when she talks about him. Well, I wasted the whole day after lunch and didn't do much to solve the last question, it was full of errors. Couldn't take it anymore and so went to the gym for a workout at 5pm plus. Finally ran longer and sweat more; good also, can burn more fat... Dinner was instant noodles...

Was thinking about the stupid last question and its errors and finally managed to solve it at about 9pm. Till the touching up and re-testing all the questions was done, it was like almost 10pm already... Really happy to submit the last assignment for the semester, but then again, there are still the exams to come... Had supper of udong and miso soup cooked by someone at his place... We chatted awhile after that and I actually gave the Mt. Buller trip a miss cause he wanted us to have time together for the weekend. Im actually trying hard to put in too much feelings cause he's eventually going back s'pore soon... Sometimes I really don't know what I should do... Anyway, had a chat with my guy friend from brisbane and sam was mad again when he called and couldn't get through. This is another problem I have, I don't really have feelings for him anymore, but I don't wana totally lose contact with him either. Oh god, what am I gona do? =\