Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Usual Lesson Day and "XML Jamming Night"

Shucks, another day of lessons... today the gco2822 multimedia lecture was back to the black guy again, Prof. Dooley wasn't teaching this week. We always had no idea about his lectures cause he was always mumbling to himself. He keeps saying you take this and put here and this and put there, arh don't what the hell he's talking about. Anyway, skipped gco2815 lecture halfway because it was so theory based. Went to com lab to surt net awhile and got some XML examples for my assignment. Went to find that stupid lady about my afw1003 grade but the nasty lady didn't want to give way at all.

Forced myself to go to the gym in the evening cause I feel I have been snacking abit too much lately and was feeling bulging alittle. The gym was packed in evenings and didn't feel quite comformtable with so many people around; So I left in less than an hour. A friend "he" called and asked me when I want to get the ciggies from him. His friend had bought a pack back for him from Singapore Airport. Went over to get the stuff from him and we chatted a little.

Night was spent writing XML codes till my eyes almost joined together. Stupid XML Validator software needed a registration key which had to be sent through email and how was I supposed to get one when I can't go online! Anyway, slept at 4am and decided to skip the gco2815 tutorial...