Monday, May 17, 2004

Journey back Gippsland and Buying Groceries Day...

Set my alarm at 7am but was so tired couldn't wake up on time and woke up at 8am instead. Sam missed his 8.30am class cause he wanted to send me down Flinder's Street to take the train back to Gippsland. Anyway, he kind of gave me quick hug before I left for the Vline platform. I was still angry with him and didn't really feel if I wanted to get back together...

The train journey seem a long one, funny how the change of coaches in the past seem much more faster. It seem like eternity before I eventually reached Mowell at 2.35pm. Went to get groceries from Coles and boy were they heavy. Though of calling up a friend to pick me up but thought so otherwise.

Dinner was Hokkien Fried Noodles I cooked myself, which was not too bad and back to doing my gco3807 assignment again. Managed to finish question 1 and 2, the stupid uni wireless network is down again... Darn, this kind of things will never happen in the polytechnics in s'pore... ;|