Thursday, May 20, 2004

Tutorial Day, gco3601 & gco 3807 assignment submission

Slept only like 4 to 5 hours per day the last few days cause I had to rush to finish up the two assignments due on May 21. This time I didn't really pay attention in gco3807 tutorial cause I was surfing the net and doing research for my assignment. After that headed down to the Cafe and Student Union to kpo and chat awhile with friends before going off with PH. Had asked him to pick me up after catachism class cause I wana go home earlier to finish up my work. Showed him the way to my catachist house before he sent me back home...

Went for the last gco3601 in the afternoon and also cause I wanted to get my first assignment back from the lecturer. He was really nice, I wasn't happy with the C grade and I couldn't really explain how my report was related to e-commerce, but he said the report was nicely done and just simply changed the mark to 70 so that I could get a D. In case u guys out there reading who doesn't know about my uni grading methods, C-credit and D-distinction. He's much better than the nasty lady who die also don't help to amend my accounting module grade.

Evening was spent in com lab rushing the last few questions of my gco3807 assignment and rushing back at 7pm cause I gotta meet melissa at 7.20pm to go for catachism class. The night's class was theory base and I was guilty cause I almost couldn't keep my eyes open when peter was talking about the sacrements. Went to say hi to PH when I got back campus and we will be catching a VCD movie on friday night if I do complete a certain % of my last gco2815 assignment... Network was finally working in our house and happily touch up on gco3807 before submitting it...